Apple hasn’t “decided” anything; it has made it possible for users to install ad-blocking software…
Scott Hunter

I agree with you Scott. All Apple has done is provie an option for users. It’s up to the user to decide whether to block ads or not. And frankly, I think most mainstream consumers using iOS devices won’t even bother.

My wife, my dad, my mom, my sister, my in-laws, my neighbors, and many of my friends at my favorite local pub all have iPhones and iPads (or some other mobile device), and all use them use their mobile devices as their primary means for surfing the web. And not a single one has said one thing about ad blocking, the desired to block ads, or even asked me (the family/neighbor techie) if it is even possible.

Like most mainstream consumers, they didn’t bother blocking ads on their desktop computers, and they’re not going to bother blocking ads on their mobile devices.