Why I’m Thankful for JS Fatigue. I know you’re sick of those words, but this is different.
Eric Elliott

Good article, thank you, shared it around. Regarding your list of “learned a new one every six months” languages, I don’t see those as race horses in the same race, meaning Python runs atop C/C++ (also C#) and Java (as Jython), as in “written in / extended by”. Your idea of who’s winning presumes the one track whereas I’m seeing more like a globe of cyber-nations, partially overlapping ethnicities. As a Python teacher, I find myself switching back and forth from ES6 to Python. Look: __init__ is constructor( ), …args is like *args, ‘this’ is ‘self’ and so on (lambda = function). I run these two languages side by side in the same Jupyter Notebook (another great open source project!).

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