Donald Trump’s campaign of prejudice and paranoia is unlike anything we’ve seen — and it’s…
Hillary Clinton

I liked this essay up to the part about Putin. That’s a complicated puzzle, with NATO behaving unconscionably to encircle Russia with forward bases, with a lot of Neocon pressure in the Ukraine to squeeze Russians even more.

NATO has become way too aggressive, per Libya, and has contributed immensely to the violence in the Middle East.

The view that Crimeans actually voted and overwhelmingly chose to be part of Russia and not the Ukraine holds enough water, that I’m not willing to take my distrust of Trump and just shift it over to Putin. These two guys are not birds of a feather.

Fortunately, we’re heading into a time of more citizen diplomacy wherein our interests are not narrowly defined by think tanks in and around the Beltway. The days when DC could easily build consensus for its misguided wars and foreign policies, especially through mass media, has about come to an end. We have the Internet to thank for that.

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