Your Back-To-School Messages Are Hurting Teachers
Shanna Peeples

In Andrew Hacker’s Math Myth, he divides our curriculum into STEM versus PATH. We all know what STEM means, if US based (it’s not Euro-jargon, nor even Anglo) but PATH? I go with Philosophy, Anthropology, Theater, History and consider teaching (I used to be a high school teacher, fresh out of Princeton) under Theater. Not that we ever pry these apart. STEM is like ingredients in a cake: inseparable once baked, likewise PATH. It’s a cliche to put A in STEM to make it STEAM, at which point it intersects PATH like in Scrabble (a crossword puzzle). However most pundits say A = Art whereas I go with A = Anthropology, which I’d say subsumes Art. A lot of my focus has been on STEM even though my focus at Princeton was Philosophy. As a teacher (of adults these days, sometimes kids), I’m still in Theater (show biz).