Tourism for Academic Credit

Kirby Urner
Apr 10, 2018 · 3 min read

In my day, a lot of people went to college for that “year abroad” opportunity. You could see the world in one of three ways: your family was privileged and went on globe-hopping trips; you joined the military (a big gamble, given how little say you would have regarding the itinerary); you went to college.

If you liked living and traveling abroad, then all three options would remain viable for you: stay rich, travel the world; rise through the ranks in the military and choose choice positions; enter the foreign service or join the staff of some global NGO out of college, and continue your tourism overseas.

Having been a tourist myself, often in category one and because our family worked overseas, I see how tourism may serve as a glue. People come to understand one another better and friendships form.

My agenda is to make tourism the default lifestyle for the average human. I want to make a nomadic “see the world” lifestyle a very popular option that many freely choose. Obviously I can’t do this alone. This would have to be an agenda of the Zeitgeist or Holy Spirit, a manifestation of God’s Will, to use religious language. So we’ll see, in the rear view mirror, if my thinking was reflective of some teleological demiurge.

I certainly don’t see such tourism as solely a game for the idle rich. The world is in dire need of workers who actually do serious work. Developing people skills is already important work, and that’s just for starters. What about learning languages?

Now, if I may indulge in some Quaker propaganda: I don’t see wholesale destruction of infrastructure, the violent aborting of human lives, as in any way serious work. People with no people skills to speak of, indulging in sociopathic acting out, bully others into having their way, and would make a bloody mess of the whole planet if only allowed to have their way.

Containment of these sociopaths is not easy as they haunt the decision maker networks at all levels. However, with greater tourism and more comparing of notes, we’re able to identify and counterbalance these jingoist warmonger minions. Many of them hide behind innocent-seeming masks. Some wear religious garb. Many are underage (minors), and grow out of their mental disability with the passage of time (maturity). Others become president of something or other.

Does this propaganda lead me to demonize soldiers? On the contrary, those realistically contemplating the battleground theater, versus those behind desks in newsrooms, whipping up war hysteria, often have a stronger grip on reality and know from military tourism that such theater is ill-advised and sociopathic a lot of the time.

That’s why I think military managers, with their sprawling network of bases, are best positioned to assist with implementing our Global University planning. We need those airstrips. Lots of people want to visit Okinawa, Cuba, other places, and not necessarily wearing any kind of uniform.

You’ll have seen from my well-known Trucker Exchange Program writings that I want tourist to do work. These are not dead end jobs, but jobs with a lot of similarities from destination to destination. We’ll be working on getting people trained for those jobs in our various courses and simulations. Truckers have simulators too.

Ecotourism has pioneered a lot of what I’m talking about, and just needs to be married with “clean-up tourism” i.e. don’t just go around viewing the devastation (often caused by the sociopathic contingent), help with revitalization, if that’s at all doable. Huge amounts of work aren’t happening, while the unserious play around with destroying infrastructure. Tourism is the answer.

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