It Is Time for a Storage Unit

When all the closets are full, the garage has no room for the car, and the attic will not hold another item it is time to look into Storage Units in Pompano Beach FL. Unless a major un-cluttering project is about to commence, there is no other alternative. The size of the unit depends on how many items have survived the crunching process. Go through all the stored items in the house and make decisions about each.

Toss, Donate, Keep

The most efficient way to organize belongings moving forward is to make three piles. The items that are crushed, broken, or worn belong in the toss pile. Do not falter here, tempting as it may be. Saving useless items is part of the problem. Once something lands in the pile, do not look back.

Items that are in great condition but are not used can be donated. Clothes that do not fit, decor that is never used, costume jewelry from sixth grade, and all those hideous slippers that were gifts are transformed by charitable organizations. Those old and forgotten belongings will become meals, winter coats, school supplies, and utility assistance for those in need. Some charities will come to the house and pick up that donate pile.

The items that are actually used, valuable, or may be needed in the near future go into the keep pile. This pile dictates the size of the storage unit. Be sure to leave room for a few more things so up-sizing is not necessary next year.


Self Storage Units vary in many ways, and are different in each area of the country. Self Storage Facilities in Pompano Beach FL typically offer only climate-controlled units. The high temperatures, humidity, and salt water moisture from the ocean will ruin most items without climate control. The pricing for Self Storage Units in Pompano Beach FL may be slightly higher in price than those farther North, but that is a necessity.


The extent of security measures are another component that varies. Little security is risky, but cheap. High-security is safer, but expensive. Finding some middle ground is the goal here. Cameras, personal access codes for entry, and individual door alarms on some units will keep items secure without expensive rental fees.

A large company opposed to a small local facility will also offer decent security and low pricing. Renters are responsible for getting a lock for their unit so make sure it is strong. Insurance fir the items stored in the unit is recommended.

No one wants to have to drive more than 10 or 15 minutes to put something into or get something out of storage.

No one wants to have to drive more than 10 or 15 minutes to put something into or get something out of storage.