Moldova’s Memory:Hill

One month ago, when I watched TV, I heard about the name “MOLDOVA”. It was an unwillingness on my part, but suddenly I back to my 2010 memory of Moldova. That would be 12 years ago now.

When I tell people about lived in Moldova, then they ask, “It’s Maldives, right?” . When I tell them that it is totally different, they say they have never heard of such a country and of course ask me what kind of country it is. It is always difficult to describe a country in one word, but I always answer that it is a country of hills.

Moldova is a country of hills and forests, not mountains. It seems that there are many hills in Japan as well, but as I had spent most of my life in Shiga and Kyoto, there are no hills so I was familiar with that(apparently there is only one hilly area in both cities). I don’t know that’s why, I would go for walks and climb up hills whenever I found them in Moldova. Some of the hills were bald, some were covered with greenery, some were forested on one side, and some had a lot of animals. I knew hills has a lot of characters as well as us.

Among them, the one that remains in my mind is a hill with a vast field of sunflowers covering entire the surface. At that time I traveled in the country side, suddenly I looked out the window of a bus, then I saw about
thousands of sunflowers on hills which it went on for dozens of miles. In Moldova, sunflower oil production is a small industry. I heard it produce about 100,000 tons per year. Simple enough, there are so many sunflowers in such a small country that they can get that much oil. Incidentally, neighboring Ukraine is said to be the world’s largest producer of sunflower oil. A country with many sunflowers seems like a peaceful and happy country.

When I saw the field of sunflowers covering the hill, it was the beginning of autumn and the sunflowers had lost most of their colors and turned brown. Even so, me and the other travelers on the bus saw the sunflowers growing densely on all the hills on the left and right. We lost words, and had been watching the scenery flowing until the hills were cut off.
I think there was movement in the landscape due to the lines of the hills. Because of that, I felt the scenery soaked into my body.

I regretted many times that I should have taken pictures, but I really forgot all about it and just kept looking out, so I guess that’s how it is.

Moldova 2010



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