KurateDAO — curation as a way to earn

2 min readMar 28, 2022

KurateDAO is an information base constructed on the blockchain. As a database layer, KurateDAO sees itself as supporting a new generation, the truth and usefulness of which is determined in many ways. This technology defines the promotion and tracking of content, while the process itself consists of 3 components:

· Curation;

· Scouting;

· Viewers.

KurateDAO provides the ability to track and define processes in detail, thereby ensuring fast and efficient decision-making


· Employee incentive.

KurateDAO pays for the work of curators and scouts for providing useful information;

· Combining data collection for effective management of the system operation process;

· Built-in Web3 system with existing databases, which will allow you to manage the community;

· Using Crypto Economic Games to Collect Information.


· Content regulation.

The project is equipped with automatic monetization for making payments to scouts and curators;

· Using the API to implement the scale of the Web3 application;

· Continuity of by-laws, stability of bilateral agreements;

· Constant content development, information moderation;

· Dynamic expansion of the number of curators.


KurateDAO announced a $6.85 million seed round led by blockchain investment firm Polychain Capital.
CEO Michael Fischer plans to use the $6.85 million funding round to hire developers to build out multi-chain solutions.

To summarize

KurateDAO is a promising project that allows community members to build blockchain-based databases for Web3 applications and thus get monetized for their work.