I would like to present a multi-framework, multi-bundle orchestration layer, supporting the oldest to the newest technologies of micro frontends. Framework leverages the power of Webpack to work hand in hand to coordinate and route multi-bundle applications without the overhead.

These days micro frontends are hot and trendy. Here’s how Martin Fowler defines them:

In short, micro frontends are all about slicing up big and scary things into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then being explicit about the dependencies between them. …

This article is the sum of my findings in scope of Gitlab Issue that’s still unresolved at this moment (April 2020). In short, when the node_modules becomes large Gitlab is experiencing huge performance bottleneck due to great amount of files it needs to archive and upload during caching procedures. I have came up with few ways to improve caching performance.

At RingCentral we use runners and local S3 cache server, we have 120K files after yarn install of one of our monorepos, with overall size about 400–600 megabytes. Monorepo is a git repository which has multiple packages at once, packages can have own dependencies and usually are linked together. This is the worst case scenario since amount of Node modules can become insanely big. …

This article is an attempt to put together everything available at the moment and see if it is really possible to implement production ready React-based website without pre-compilation like Webpack/Parcel or at least to have as less pre-compilation as possible.


It is possible to serve React project with minimal compilation of JSX without using bundlers like Webpack or Parcel.

Bundlers pack code into chunks, which has drawbacks: chunks have to be small enough to deliver only what’s needed and big enough to make better use of HTTP1.1 connections. Finding the right balance may be tricky and involves some automatic and manual tuning. …

Mono repository is a popular approach where some libraries or other fairly independent projects are colocated in one repository. One of the benefits you get is simpler control over changes that should be synchronized across all involved packages. As a downside, you get less independence of each package.

The vast majority of everyday monorepo management tasks boil down to running package scripts in a certain order and under certain conditions, both locally and on CI. This article explains one of many possible approaches. This approach worked fairly well in some of RingCentral’s monorepo projects. …

One of the most frequently asked questions about React, Redux and REST is where to put authentication (OAuth tokens for example), how to wire it to Redux and how to add tokens to API calls.

Since user auth is a critical part of app state it makes sense to put it into Redux store. I suggest to add an API call method to Redux by utilizing the redux-thunk middleware’s functionality and dispatch Promise from API actions by using redux-promise-middleware. Let’s begin with store configuration:

import {applyMiddleware, createStore} from "redux";
import thunkMiddleware from "redux-thunk";
import promiseMiddleware from "redux-promise-middleware";
import isPromise from "is-promise";
import {request} from "./lib"; …

If you ever would like to see the decorations and ambience of Mad Max movie you should try renting a buggy and ride those sand dunes!

Haven’t written anything for quite a while, so here is a brand new track that I’ve just finished: https://soundcloud.com/dis/rule, also available for free download.

Teotihuacan is a small city near Mexico city, it’s conveniently located so one day trip is certainly a possibility.

The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest building in Teotihuacan (height is 71 meters), believed to have been constructed about 200 CE, and one of the largest in Mesoamerica. Found along the Avenue of the Dead, half way to the Pyramid of the Moon.

Piramide Del Sol, Teotihuacan

I’ve heard that steps on pyramids are made huge on purpose, back in the days people were a bit shorter so huge steps forced them to climb on knees when they were reaching the top, so that when they face gods they would be already on their knees. …

This time we hiked from the bottom of the valley to the very top of Yosemite Falls, the Yosemite Point.

Here you can see the entire trail from the very bottom to the very top

As stated on NPS website (also used to have a hilarious warning about heights):

Yosemite Falls Trail leads to the top of North America’s tallest waterfall, which rises 2,425 feet (739 m) above the Valley floor.

Don’t bring along any friends whose medication has led them to believe they can fly.

The hike starts at the bottom of the valley and takes ridiculous amount of twists and turns and switchbacks on the way up.

Create React App and React Scripts projects are probably the most well-known way to quickly set up the React-based application. The motto of the project is 100% no configuration, everything is based on convention. This is a fairly robust solution that has everything you need except for the Server Side Rendering support.

As one of the ways to solve this, official documentation suggests to inject initial data or use the static snapshots. Unfortunately, both have drawbacks. …


Kirill Konshin

Staff Software Developer @ RingCentral, Inc., Music Maker, Traveller, Photographer

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