What the face of Soviet military equipment?

In July of this year, I first visited the MAKS airshow. It was nice to visit this event for free, because I came there on the student’s day.

But it would be boring here to describe what thousands of photographers and reporters have already described. Therefore this article will be just a short observation.

I noticed that a person deliberately or unintentionally invests something in an image of technique from animals. In cars, airplanes, boats. And this time I decided to check it on the planes and photographed their full face.
And then I found pictures of animals on the internet, which in my opinion are very similar to this military equipment.

Helicopter Mi–8 and Frog
Helicopter Мi–28H and Blobfish
Aircraft Tu–144 and Dachshund
The bomber Tu–95 looks like an Orc from the Warcraft
And from this angle the Tu–22M bomber is similar to woodpecker Woody.

This article is not intended to offend or humiliate Russian military equipment. It’s just an experiment about the fact that in any man-made inanimate object you can find the features of living beings.