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Morozovskaya DGKB DZM

Good day everyone! Today we will talk about the hospital built specifically for the youngest patients — children. They provide almost all kinds of health services for children, as well as offer assistance to women with reproductive problems. Morozovskaya DGKB DZM is one of the leading children’s clinics in the Russian Federation and provides services for children from all over the world.

To date, Morozov Children’s Clinical Hospital (Moscow MDCB) the biggest hospital of the city of Moscow with the children’s direction. It has more than 1600 beds. And, about 1000 are in the main territory, the others in other branches. In addition, 50 beds have the value of resuscitation, in addition, 100 beds for a day hospital. In GBUZ “Morozovskaya DGKB DZM” in the round-the-clock mode the duty of special team of doctors is made. …

Hello everyone today I will tell you about where in Russia you can not only relax, but also seriously take care of your health.

For many of you it is no secret that Russia has a large geographical area, has a variety of natural resources. So you can find unique water in Siberia, mineral water in the Caucasus, therapeutic mud in the South and much more. But probably not everyone is aware that the experience of the development of sanatorium and resort recreation, with quality treatment in Russia has more than 100 years.

Let’s see what is in these resorts for you. This time I will tell you about the resorts that are part of the premium group, but have adequate prices. …

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Hello dears!

Today I want to tell you about one of the promising areas for the development of Russian medical tourism.This place will be the Kaliningrad region, the westernmost region of Russia.

The information will be divided into charters, so choose the ones that you are interested in or read all.

In short: the Kaliningrad region has great potential because:


Kirill Vdovin

My keyword is: “change” Most likely, the Medium will become a platform for me to talk about medical tourism in Russia and a little about philosophy.

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