Kirill parinov black cube

Kirill Parinov black cube
Oct 4 · 1 min read

The context of globalization exposes several companies to limitless competition. So the word “strategy” has turned out to be the word that is increasingly quoted in the mouths of the big bosses. In this context, some companies in the same sector choose to merge to create a great champion with tentacles around the globe. However, this type of choice carries a risk if it is not well planned and put in place.

Hence the need to be accompanied by a seasoned expert in the field. However, it appears that the consulting sector is increasingly less reliable, hence the need to be accompanied by an experienced and reliable expert. Thus Kirill Parinov reveals himself to be among the best in this field.

Indeed, Kirill Parinov has been specializing in M&A, development of complex financial strategies on the international markets, as well as in holding cross-border dispute resolution, international arbitration, and complex financial disputes. Before joining BGP Litigation, Kirill has been Managing Partner of the Moscow branch of Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP, where he has been focusing on complex financial disputes resolution.

Kirill has been holding the managing positions in group Interros for 10 years, where he led all litigation aspects. Mr. Parinov has graduated from Harvard Business School.

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