Why am I starting blogging?

I met a startup world during the summer 2011. It was a love from the first sight. It seems that everything before was just a preparation to my entrepreneurial journey.

For the last 4 years, I’ve been building Preply to help people learn faster with a help of the best online tutors. In January 2017, we surpassed 1'000'000 hours that tutors and students spent working with each other via Preply. It’s not a very big deal and Preply’s potential is much higher. However, getting to this point was a challenging exercise. I believe that there are two things that I‘ve being doing right so far:

  1. Reading great entrepreneurs and investors;
  2. Meeting great entrepreneurs and investors.

It’s interesting how reading great people help you to meet them and then build relations. You can choose either book or blog. Despite they are different in knowledge structure, both are a good way to shape your vision of the world. Aggregating some experience, I’m happy to share my thoughts via occasional blog posts.

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