Unique passwords and how to remember them. My method.

I am the person, who doesn’t care about my password security. What’s the point of creating a new passcode for every single website. I do not want to create passwords and then forget them.

This is a summary of what I have usually told my friends about a while ago. This was a huge mistake because my Facebook account has been hacked a while ago. After this I have started to create huge passwords like wE6342P8464bvd (this is a representation not the real one) and of course I was later in the position, where I sitting and trying to recover all my passwords.

After this I have spent some time on thinking of the method of creating unique passwords for every single website, but still remembering all of them, so I would like to share this method with everyone.

The method is actually very simple and consists of 4 steps.

  1. Think of any word in any language (e.g Bonjour)
  2. Think of three random numbers (e.g. 4,5,1)
  3. Write these on a piece of paper and then decide how would you place them. Is it going to be before of after the word. Congratulations this is the base of your password!
  4. The uniqueness of the password will be created because of the numbers and letters you are going to put there, so now think about the method you will use, which is going to be based on the name of the website on which you are creating an account . I will generate one for an example:

So lets take Medium as an example.

Medium is the 6 letters long word, so I will have “6" as the first number.

First latter in the word Medium is “M”, so I will put “m” as the second symbol.

In this way I have just got the password which is unique and is “451Bonjoutr6m”. In this way it will be easier to remember it as the base (451Bonjour) you already know. Even if you forget this password you will be able to guess it easily because you know the address of the website of the account.

Hope you will like this method as I did.