Day 234: You need the Landing Page Now

Alright this one is gonna be quick cause I feel like I am onto something.
I was listening to a lot of marketing lectures this morning. Tons of revelations and success stories! I’ll start by quickly presenting some of the major insights than finish with the Progress Report for the day and then back to work, cause my fingertips are on fire today and I have to put them to work (if you know what I mean).

The Process of Lead Generation in a Nutshell

  1. Form a Value Proposition (I am the cheapest is the worst Value Proposition ever, imho. Don’t go for it. Use your imagination)
  2. Create a Landing Page to test it
  3. Connect the Google Analytics to it to track the activity (Connect as many different trackers as possible to increase the amount of knowledge on the client’s behavior)
  4. Turn on the Ads (Google, Facebook, etc. I’ll go into the details of how it worked for us in the next posts)
  5. Collect results. Use the data to improve you’re Landing Page and start over!
  6. Do it now! Build it in 1 day. Test it for 1–2 days. Re-build it!
There is no Future! No Tomorrow! There is Here&Now and always will be. In two days and in two years, there always will be Now. So do it now!

The Landing page

F*ck the websites! You don’t need Weebly or Square Space to test your idea. What you need is the Instapage and some background on how to build the landing page in order to raise your conversion. Best advice here is just to google: “How to Landing Page”.

Then you’ll need Google Ads and Facebook Ads to generate the page views, but this will be the topic for the next Post.

New Friends

Previously I set up the goal to make new friends. I thought I would do it by going to Meetups, but I still haven’t prepared the list of them.

Well, I did it anyway. I met 4 new contacts in less than 24 hours and I am so happy as two of them have been doing Hostel Management before! Perfect! We’ve set up the meetings and I’ll let you know how it went.

Quick Stats

Website unique visitors (Nov 26): 82 (+9 comparing to Nov 25)
Application per day: 0.3/day (no changes)
Deals made: 1 (1 returning client)
New marketing channels developed: 0


  1. Formed a new value proposition to test out
  2. New landing page
  3. 4 New contacts
  4. 1 Very productive meeting with a possible partner that have the potential to dramatically improve
  5. Unique visitors on the Website keep growing


  1. Still no Google Ads
  2. No meetup list
  3. No Linked In Sales Solutions


Great day that brought me grand revelations, new contacts and new inspiration. I feel like the Mountains are moving again. Will keep you updated.


Love you all!