Day 235: It was the best times, it was the worst times…

It was the times somewhere in the middle of the 2010s. We were playing in startups, discussing major trends, liking cats and hustling from morning to dusk.

It was fun. It was real fun and real life. I wonder why couldn’t understand it then. Why we couldn’t simply stop and look around. We were making magic, living in the most free and inspiring times of all!

Despite everything, despite all of the failures and misleading attempts to grow bigger, WE WERE HAPPY, because nothing makes you more alive and more happy than the Illusion of Purpose! The Illusion of Changing the World, one step at a time!

What was done today

Made a list of Top-10 useful Meetup Groups in San Francisco. Will be Shared in the Morning Post.

Made two productive meetings with the people interested to Participate in the Sales Process.

Developed the outsourced Sales Mechanism to test for the Coliving Club.

Together with the team, we formed a new Vision and the Growth Strategy for the Coliving Club. Will be shared later.

Re-designing the Landing page with Konstantin. Now it’s more efficient for sure and way more informative.

Got the new domain name for the new landing page and connected them.

Created the New Meetup that will take place this Monday on the Ocean Location.

Signed up for the New Meetup held in Chinatown San Francisco to Grow my Network.

What wasn’t done

Google Ads
Publishing and promotion of the First Landing Page

Quick Stats

Website unique visitors (Nov 27): 59 (-23 comparing to Nov 26)
Application per day: 0.4/day (no changes)
Deals made: 2 (1 new client-1 returning client)
New marketing channels developed: 0
Landing Pages finished: 1
Meetups Organized: 1
Meetings performed: 2

That’s it for today!
Love each other, hold on to each other!