Day 240: Why I want to join a Co-working place?

Exactly! Exactly!
They all serve free beer on tap!


No seriously. Wework on 995 Market, San Francisco serves WeWork beer for free for its coworkers. So as the Co-working space of Code for America I have visited yesterday and now I finally get why everyone wants to work at the Co-working space and why the process of the idea-generation is so smooth and spontaneous in them.

They micro-brew their startups!

Tell me where do I sign for that? Right? Now I know for sure that when the Coliving Club will enter the Coworking Market more seriously it should have at least 2 free beer on tap choices. Maybe it should even brew its own beer behind the glass. And definitively micro-brew its own startups!

I wonder if they are going to have WeWork Free Pot when they open in Seattle or Denver?

Now back to Coliving Club

Important New Idea. I’ve noticed that all of the Meetups in town start around the same time 5–6 pm. And that many of the meetups that I am going too I’ve learned about from friends and not the meetups website. We’ve already installed the TV on one of the Locations so we are just going to stream the page on it where everyone on Locations will share the meetups they are going too, so we all can go together.

Got the Chromecast and the computer that will stream the info. Now need to install them and create the page where everyone will share:)

Quick Stats:

Website unique visitors (Nov 30): 68 (same as Nov 30)
Landing page visitors (Nov 29): currently improving the
Application per day:
0.7/day (no applications today)
Deals made: 2
New marketing channels developed: 0

Landing Pages finished: 0 (was working on the Google Ads Mostly, organizing the keyword groups)
Meetups Organized: 0
Meetings performed: 3
Contacts made: 3

That’s it for today! Excited about the Party tomorrow that we are doing at the Ocean Location.