I left my home at 16…

I didn’t really have a choice. 🙄 Or a plan…

Me, 23
  • I knew I couldn’t stay where I am
  • I needed to find myself
  • I knew that I love Montreal
  • I assumed the rest of the Canada is the same
  • I was influenced to think that the journalism is dying out; absurd
  • I knew Ioved doing video content
  • I was energetic, social and passionate but I lacked analytical skills and at times acted spontaneous.
  • And most importantly I didn’t research…

So where did I go?


Toronto, Google Earth

An obvious choice right? I know it would sound weird for an American reader, that’s for sure.

But I loved it!
  • Access to libraries full of interesting books 📚
  • Introduction to the essay writing
  • International community
  • Life Journal experience
  • Along with the first vlogging experience, taking the form of the video letters I was crafting for my <5 friends back in Ukraine. 😂

Peterborough, Ontario

Me, 17

Wait, what? A village about 100 miles away from Toronto. Lost in the mighty Canadian woods?

  • I hate exams and Trent University seemed not to care about them.
  • Plus, they were cool about me applying at 17...
  • Unlike my peers… it was socially awkward, but still fun. Basically I had a minimum 4 years age difference with almost every single person on Campus
  • Couple of my hard-earned friends were back in Ukraine or scattered around the world
  • I started to write letters…
  • And a blog about Canada 🇨🇦 which made me $5 from Google Ad banners #firstOnlineMoney
  • Sad that I got too much into web design of it and eventually I dropped it


somewhere in Berlin

I dropped the Trent University after 1.5 years in and decided to move to Europe. Didn’t even come back for the bags; carried on with a backpack.

  • Berlin reminded me of Montreal
  • And so I decided to stay in Paris
  • Don’t ask me why. There is no good answer to that
  • I just felt like Paris, I guess
  • I applied to an International Film School EICAR
  • And the moment my application got approved I got the tickets and voila…


Paris was the poetry of my days.

  • I finished my first book while studying there
  • I joined my first startup; educational channel for schoolers — Memoria School
  • I was shooting films
  • Writing notes
  • While surviving, literally, on bread, cheese, red wine and coffee
  • Drinking small glasses of coffee in the corner bars; they didn’t even bother to make a menu
  • It was assumed you either wanted a small coffee, coffee with milk, a pint of beer or Richard
  • I kinda miss this minimalism of choices. It was comfortable

But most of all I biking. There is no better place on Earth for biking than Paris. And forget the navigation. The city is full of street maps. You’ll be fine.

Paris Tip 001: Forget the maps. Go get lost: explore and wonder. At some point you’ll either find the river, the Eiffel Tower or the canals… You gonna actually find so many things…

Paris is like Reddit, you enter without any particular goal, only to end up in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people.

Paris Tip 002: Bring an umbrella


not far away from Berlin, with Max

For 2 years I went to a film school before realizing, that they’re not going to teach me to be a filmmaker… I’ll have do it myself.

  • I got into web-design and front-end development
  • Moved to Berlin with my friend Max for a month or two
  • And fell in love with this City once again…
  • So much, that I’ve decided to move to Oakland
  • Another day I was in this bar talking to a stranger; a full-stack developer from Oakland. Under the light of candles he told me about the Silicon Valley and the startup movement
  • 2 days after I bought my tickets to LA
  • I know, kind of, a weird logic, once again
  • But you have to understand, dear reader, I was still searching for myself… Searching big time

Bay Area

Palo Alto nights
I never got to live in Oakland in the end
  • My father decided to join the ride
  • But he was afraid Oakland is not safe
  • We ended up living in San Jose. A giant co-working table was set up in the middle of the living room where my dad, my younger brother, who came along with my father to go to the local Middle School, and I started to work together.
  • In a mean time I tried to join couple of startups
  • And doing so, met the co-living culture. In the Startup Launchpad coliving hub in Palo Alto
  • Couple of months later I run multiple coliving locations in San Francisco.
  • I’m wearing so many hats at the same time that I’m completely losing track of who I am, what I do and where do I belong
  • And so I decided to go South
  • Why?
  • I felt like LA is calling
  • And so I moved to…

San Jose

on my way to LA

You get the picture of my irregular logic by that time, right?

  • In San Jose I was working with a 3D-rendering company and got handy with my cold email and cold call skills…
  • Only to realize that they are no longer in trend
  • I also have started working on the VR projects and then on the kitchen of a food truck
  • Around 1,000 tacos in I decided to finally move on…
  • This time I thought: “I’m not gonna miss…”

And I didn’t.

Los Angeles

  • I was driving for Lyft for a bit and realized that I am so far away from where I imagined myself, while leaving the family home at 16…
  • I had to find myself ASAP
  • I amplified my trial and error efforts
  • I helped my 8 year old brother publish his book
  • Did a bunch of social media services for clients
  • Launched a Facebook Live Show experiment with Sergio The Sexy Sax Man
  • Learned about the magic of the Ocarinas
  • Saw the Lightning in a Bottle
  • Started an Amazon store
  • Helped my soulmate start her online art store
  • Got back to writing and blogging
  • Went through the Funding Gym program to raise some business capital
  • I picked up the Coliving Club project once again

I didn’t yet find myself… But I’m definitively am close! 
Maybe as close as I ever want to be.

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