List of Top-10 Meetup Groups you should follow upon arrival to the Silicon Valley

If you’re in San Francisco and you need to make friends in your industry really fast then you have to go to Meetups. It’s just what people do to Network.

There are two main sources to learn about Meetups in your area:

Here is the list of 10 essential Meetup groups that do valuable events in San Francisco and Bay Area. This is not the full list but it get you started on the Day 1

  1. Foreign Startups
  2. Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs & Startups
  3. Bootstrappers Breakfast San Francisco
  4. Silicon Valley Startup Incubation and Acceleration
  5. Silicon Valley Investors and Startups & San Francisco Investors and Startups
  6. San Francisco Startup Founder 101
  7. Bay Area Aspiring & New Entrepreneurs
  8. Startup Showcase
  9. 106 Miles
  10. Lean Coffee


SF Founders Club

San Francisco International Startups

Add your favorite Meetup Groups to the comments!