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This book was written back in 2013, rewritten about 10 times since than on different languages and never published. I waited many months to find an editor that I never searched for, to help me edit the book and finally decided to make a move and publish it at least somewhere.

Probably just to prove to myself that I can.
Or maybe to get it over with and not being afraid of writing further.
Or I am afraid I am gonna finally loose this PDF file from which I am copying it here.

If you see mistakes or feel like you would like to make any suggestions to the text, go ahead and suggest them in the comments, I will be happy to edit the book!

If you’d like it to be published, please also let me know in the comments. Would be very useful:)

From now on I will publish 1 Chapter a Day. Here it goes:

Chapty 1.5

Strangely enough, but Little Prince, living in the same building as Gravedigger, have never met his roommate in person. Their first meeting happened in the editing room of the Attic. It was the first time that Little Prince also met Movi and once again, the first time that he touched the film. It was lying in the editing room, all around the place, trapped in metal boxes. Good five days passed before the order was brought to this place and all of the rushes were given a proper sorted position on the shelves. Little Prince was working restlessly as usual.

Obviously, while watching all of the materials for the first time, was not able to understand anything. The scenes were confusing and spread throughout the very long period of time, so continuity of the action was very complicated (if it ever existed in this film!).

What was clear, nevertheless, is that the film is about some guy named Gravedigger. What was curious is that he was also a Hero. And what was incredibly shocking is that he lived in the same House as Little Prince, on the first floor. Right now.

As any Hero on the Moon, Gravedigger had a specific mission. Not far away from the House, pass the Field of the Communist stones he has planted the first afterlife City, for all of the Kings and Warriors of the Ancient Egypt.

This city of tombs, crypts and mausoleums from outside might look like a very fine and structured graveyard, accurate but dead. Inside, however, on a spiritual level it was an afterlife Las Vegas: the city where all the Kings and the Great Warriors could find some rest, regroup their forces and successfully fight with Gods to clear their path to the Heaven through the 12 gates.

According to the myth, back in time during the age of Ancient Egypt dead Kings and Great Warriors needed to fight 12 Gods before they could enter the Paradise. Exactly for that reason they would be buried with all of their slaves wives and weapons.

Now, obviously Gravedigger has mixed some stories together in order to come up with this one. Nevertheless, he himself believed entirely in the myth that he has created and especially in the solution for it. Then, he also deeply believed that to fight alone against all if the Gods is not a heroic move at all. It is rather un-provisional. To save them was his mission and the graveyard was the solution.

As I have said previously, each Hero on the Moon have their own mission and yet it is completely up to them to decide what mission would it be. To find their missions Heroes do nothing but a constant research. They work only on the topics that interest them more than anything else. They spend their lives leaving something behind. Something that they can be remembered for. They do not no about the Experiment. And from Earth they look like laboratory rats, trying to build a pyramid out of the corn seeds. It’s curious.

Once they complete their mission, they all vanish and all disappear. But they are the Heroes, how could they possibly live and die otherwise?

Everyday Gravedigger would start with waking up somewhere in the extremely neat and large empty room. But what is really curious is his sleep.

The Heroes of the Moon, normally are not able to sleep. The sleep as we now it on Earth is impossible in space (it is just too far from all of the dream generators). And yet every morning Gravedigger would wake up. He was one of the Horoes who were playing with the notion of sleep and its synonyms. He just couldn’t stand the waiting.

The only accessible alternative of sleep on the Moon was the drink called alcohol. The only form that it took on the planet was the 299 ml jar, thin and tall glass tube. In the beginning of the experiment Heroes have the choice of going through their mission either with or without it. People like Gravedigger choose the supply of alcohol tubes. They just couldn’t stand waiting.

The supply of the alcohol tubes were given to a Hero every time in the new form. In Gravedigger’s case it existed as a tall wooden dresser. All the bottles in it were ordered in boxes and sets. Each box had 27 sets. Each set at its turn had 3 bottles (the suggested dose for the night).

However, talking about the sleep we have accidentally skipped the whole day. This happens sometimes with people in winter periods, so “let us close this parenthesis” and return to the Morning again.

Every day Gravedigger would start with waking up somewhere in his extremely neat and large empty room. Ironically, what he wouldn’t notice is everything we would see visiting his room.

What we would see (in fact)coming through the front door as a ghost is the large space. This space would appear so big to us that we would think of it as of a piece of furniture. The second thing that would come to our attention would be the massive and long king’s table where at least one kingdom would fit. Occasionally only 0,095% of it would remain in constant use, exactly where Gravedigger would have his breakfast and have part of his sleep from time to time. Sleeping on the table became such a common practice for Gravedigger that some of the places a along it would remain the bed sheets or covers.

Apart from that there was an alcoholic-cabinet mentioned above and again here. Then there is Gravedigger’s bed in a very far corner of the room, so tall that he can only climb it using a wooden ladder, which Gravedigger didn’t have (so as anyone else on the Moon).

Lastly, there were nutrition tunes built in the center of the table. Gravedigger had a routine of using them anytime he would wake up in the morning. At the same time he would accurately fill the productivity reports. They were the A43 papers the horizontal layouts of random rays of letters.

It was believed that by arranging these letters into random consolations, Gravedigger was reproducing his purest associations related to the results of his work.

Every morning he would pack these reports in a long plastic pills and throw them in the airmail-box on the way to the Graveyard. As far as I am concerned these pills would arrive to the Laboratory of Random Reports (LRR) which is based on Earth and is also a part of the Experiment.

However, what is curious in this situation is that the scientists in the Laboratory are part of the double blinded experiment. The Horoes from all over the Moon would send them their reports, but people would have no idea of the origins of the reports and their meaning.

The air mailbox was situated on one of the sides of the Yellow Brick Road and exactly in the middle between the House and the Graveyard, where Gravedigger would try to spend as much time as possible, building his dream.

Then, as soon as his hands would be unable to lift another hammer and as soon as his thoughts would drown in the ocean of confusion he would return all of his afterlife tools to their place and would use the Yellow Brick Road once again to return back home.

On his way he would open one of the alcohol tubes and walk gazing the endless sea of the stars above, satisfied with himself and his work.

His next tube would be open on the terrace outside the House, as he would sit in the massive brown chair made of old leather.

And the usual routine would repeat from day to day transforming empty alcohol tubes into Gravedigger’s dream.

Eventually, the last tube of the day would be opened somewhere on the first floor leading the end of one day to the beginning of the next one as the lighthouse leads the ship from dusk to dawn.

Chapter 1 is here
Chapters 2&3 are here
Chapter 4 is here
Love you and thank you for reading!

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