I put up my living room on Unsplash…

Kirill Zakharov
Sep 5, 2018 · 3 min read

It’s not uncommon for photos on Unsplash to get remixed into beautiful art— though I’d never imagine my own room to get this kind of treatment.

With the help of Google’s Reverse Image Search, I was able to find the unthinkable. The following happened in the span of a few months after publishing the original photo.

Reverse-image searching my original photo on Unsplash

I got to see what it would look like with a brick wall. Digging that industrial look.


Or a cork wall. I guess?


Tropical vibes go a long way.


My loft isn’t big. Could definitely use a little space.


Speaking of space, it does get dark at times. Could use a little light — especially during our Canadian winters.


I realized I could put up some artwork on the wall behind the couch — or swap out the poster.

And while at it, swap out the carpet.


I got to see it in a magazine…


…but a magazine doesn’t do it justice. I could probably write a book about the versatility of my room.


And finally, I now know what paint to buy if ever I need to re-paint it.


[Last updated: November 26th, 2018]

I look forward to updating this post with more remixes. If you end up remixing my room or using one of my photos, please do share it with me in the comments below or on Twitter.

You can find more of my free (do whatever you want) photos on Unsplash or follow my photo-journal on Instagram.

 by the author.

Kirill Zakharov

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Head of Design at Unsplash

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