What do Uber, Volkswagen and Zenefits have in common? They all used hidden code to break the law.
Quincy Larson

It is great to write about ethics, finally, but the article has it all backwards. It is government which is usually wrong, and Uber, VW, etc., who are right.

We lost mass transit when companies like GM, Firestone, Std Oil, Checker, etc. illegally conspired to buy up and destroy all the street car companies after WWII. Everything Uber does is perfectly legal, and can NEVER be illegal. It is the attempts to stop Uber that are illegal.

As for VW, getting 56 mpg is supposed to be polluting while GM can legally sell HMVs getting 9 mpg? Ridiculous. Turbo diesels produce so little pollution, that it can hardly even be measured with common instruments. So what is the uproar about? It is NOx, which is not even pollution, but just the product of any heat, from fireplaces to jet airplanes, and the major source if from agricultural processes. So if NOx is so bad, then why aren’t the main sources even remotely regulated? It is because the EPA is being manipulated by US car makers who have never been able to successfully even make any sort of small diesel, much less one that can compete with VW. If all cars in the world were VW diesels with the “cheating” software, over half the pollution we produce every year would no longer happen.

Be ethical, fight corrupt government constantly, in any way you can. Be educated and informed, and don’t believe a thing they just “tell” you, like WMD in Iraq.