Late 2015 Goals for Outflow

2 min readOct 19, 2015


I have been working on Outflow for almost a year now and finally released it during the summer that just passed. I just finished the latest update that features the ability to change currencies and a lot of bug fixes (nothing crazy). I have a lot of big plans for the app, but not enough time to work on it has much as I would like. Instead of keeping anyone who likes the app in the dark about what I am working on, here is my goals / priorities list for 2015.

Goals / Priorities for 2015 (In order)

  1. Redesign Outflow’s website.
  2. Add more companies to Outflow.
  3. Do more marketing for Outflow.
  4. Finish the 3D touch implementation.
  5. Add a quick view menu to view all your subscriptions with quick swipe.
  6. Implement the ability to add credit cards as payment method for new subscriptions.
  7. Quick Edit / Delete: be able to edit / delete directly from the home view.
  8. Improve the experience for 6 / 6+ users (some stuff could really be improved).✓
  9. Add gesture controls to the drop down menu that allow you to edit or to delete subscriptions.
  10. Add analytics to get the bigger picture of where your money is going.
  11. Do more research on how to automate the adding new subscriptions directly by connecting your email or bank account and possibly implement it.
  12. Implement the ability for the price field to be automatically pre-filled with the actual price of the service. For example you select Dropbox and the as soon as you return to the view the price field is filled with $9.99.
  13. Do a better job of onboarding.
  14. Add so that you can attach company invoices to subscriptions (Still debating).

That’s it for now. The list looks kinda long, but some features will take less long than others. Also, I will try to update the list as I finish implementing features.

If you have any features requests, complaints or anything really I would love to hear it. You can get in touch with me through twitter @kirkbyo_ (DM are open).

Update: I know it’s no longer 2015. I got really busy with school and stuff, but finally version 2.0 is released.