A guide to research-driven storytelling for progressive change

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Katniss, rebel hero of The Hunger Games, is the deep story of many Millennial voters.
Find out how to find that out, and why that’s important for progressive campaigns and causes.

Here’s a distressing fact: Audience research methods used for progressive causes and candidates are lagging behind corporate America’s advanced marketing research practices. It’s distressing (to me, at least) because it indicates progressives aren’t pursuing every fair advantage we can get. And that’s shameful, given that we have to overcome the right’s undemocratic advantages — gerrymandering, voter suppression, constitutional provisions that favor rural votes over city people’s more numerous votes, not to mention the occasional help of KGB hackers.

For the past 20 years, sophisticated corporate marketers have been gaining market advantage by improving their ability to find the often-unconscious, emotional stories that actually determine their audiences’ views of reality. This is only possible by integrating traditional research with newer forms of psychology-based and cultural research, as well as so-called big data analysis aimed at understanding and quantifying what the audience is saying. …


Kirk Cheyfitz

Writer, narrative strategist, author, content marketer, speaker.

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