The First Pitch

November 22nd

This post is an extension of last weeks due to the fact that we had a bit of a boring and unproductive week. I am going to be talking about what I learned from having pitched an idea to a VC. This wasn’t a typical startup pitch asking for money, but more of a validation and network building pitch. We were asking not for money, but for contacts and support. Besides their big wallets, VC’s are great advisors and networkers.

To put it simply, it went good and bad. The good part is the VC thought that “we won’t have any trouble getting clients”, and that “designers are in need right now, especially in the bay area.” Which means we have a chance. The bad part is, we aren’t seen as being unique and new. He wasn’t impressed with our service offering.

We did the research. We talked to over 60 clients and consultants, and asked them what they didn’t like about their relationship with each other, we got their answers, and came up with solutions. Apparently the solutions aren’t causing anyone to jump out of their seats.

So what do we do now? What would make a client literally bend over because of how outrageously awesome our service is? How do we break, and put back together, this consulting model? This unanswered questions is what we need to rush towards.

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