The Frightening Ramifications Of High-Frequency Advertising
Mitch Joel

AI will learn that advertising is about psychology and use frequency to force behavior. Just like music stations (Sirius XM, pandora, local stations) will play the same 30-50 tunes over and over again, which creates familiarity and liking, or movie promos that are seen 12 times (through programatic+search re-targeting) as opposed to only once or twice through broad coverage, will be used to push agendas and create a perceived need through heavy frequency. In a way, the act of narrowing and micro targeting will increase frequency. It will increase to the target at first, then be widened to include a much larger population programming the wider audience as well. The argument isn’t over frequency or AI learning exactly what we want, the argument is, at what point will AI use high frequency messaging to program the audience to do what it wants.