Sky-diving At 80 — Jim Gill’s Experience

Jim Gill, a Foothills businessman, had never anticipated that he would reach his eightieth birthday because he had two major heart attacks in the past. However, he was always a fighter and never once gave up on his lifelong dream of going for a sky dive, despite his health condition. On October 20th 2005, Gill decided to jump out of a plane as a way to celebrate his birthday. He promised himself that if he lived to be eighty then he would do what he had wanted for many years: jump out of a plane. His son, Kirk James Gill was the one to fulfill this dream of his.

Both the father and the son jumped out from a plane which was 13000 feet above ground level at a popular sky-diving destination in Eloy: Skydive Arizona. This was located northwest of Tucson. Both of them jumped tandem, with an experienced sky-diving instructor behind them. The manager of Skydive Arizona, Kelly Wolf expressed his delight to see an 80 year old take up such a daring step.

About 26 years ago, whilst playing racquetball, Jim Gill suffered a fatal heart attack, which almost took his life. He underwent an open heart surgery and was in quite a feeble position. In 1997, during the month of March, Gill had another major heart attack. Even his wife, Pat, who has been with him for the past forty years never thought that he would be able to live to be 80. Five years prior to his 80th birthday, Jim expressed his long time desire to go skydiving to his wife. Although Jim was never a fan of flying, he has been intrigued by sky-diving for years. Despite being a heart patient, he was quite confident that he could handle sky-diving physically.

After receiving a green signal from his cardiologist, Kirk Gill Tucson Arizona decided to take the plunge, literally. Post his sky-diving experience he was quoted describing it as ‘unbelievable’ and he was elated that he got to do this with his youngest son. His instructor said that he did quite well despite being a heart patient and a senior citizen.