I do wonder why the American way is to denigrate other products instead of about about your own.
James Cridland

First of all, this is an article for content creators. If you are making a living (or want to make a living) by producing media, you should be on top of trends.

Second, where are you getting these numbers? Seemscompletely arbitrary. Here’s a real number 100% of my friends who are under 30 do not ever use a radio or have any kind of cable tv.

I have no doubt that there are some people in America who do listen to the radio, but the masses of young people? Yeah right. Do they even put radios and antenna in new cars? And XM Radio may be in some cars today, but copy and paste this in your future file: they won’t in the future!

Technology is going to be more bluetooth. Alexa is growing. People are listening and watching on phones more than ever. This is just the way things are going. Catch a trend or be crushed by it.

in the 80s it was Video killed the radio star.

Today, social media kills the mass media star.

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