Does He Love Me? 7 Signs He’s In Love With You

Love is simple, yet a complex, but not as perplexing as you may think. However, you have to understand that love is all about how you act and not just what you say. At least that’s what I believe.

“Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

Sometimes, it is quite easy to tell that he loves you — you get that strong, tingly feeling of belonging, a sense of pride and hope. But sometimes, you just sit in a corner pondering on whether he truly loves you and cares about you or not. For some, love is a slow and gradual process. To be honest, having a fix on whether or not he loves you can be a daunting undertaking.

The initial stages of a serious relationship can leave you hanging on the rope of vulnerability, confusion, expectations, and reality. It is possible that past experiences could have clouded your feelings. Perhaps it was an old breakup, or an experience of betrayal, which left its imprint on you. You now feel whether the guy is for real or if he’s just passing the time.

“Do Not Let Negative Experiences Cloud Your Judgement”

But is there a way you can find out for sure? Can you tell how much your boyfriend loves you?

Here is a list of 7 important factors that you should look for in your relationship to accurately determine whether or not his love for you is real.

Spending Time with You Is a Priority for Him

Time is money, sure thing. However, when you talk about love, the currency that works here is time and nothing else. If he cares about you, he will never risk not investing in this relationship. Taking out time to have lunch or to give you call during his busy schedule is indicative that he is always thinking about you, regardless of what he is doing.

Image source: — Time together (not words) determines love

But don’t get me wrong, you have to be realistic here as well. You can’t expect your guy to stop pursuing his professional obligations or a successful career or his hobbies. The keyword here is “priority” and if you cannot give a little leeway and be realistic, then maybe it is time to look a little closer to home and start pursuing some relationship advice?

If he is smart and in love with you, he will prioritize his time to let you know that. You are going to be the most significant part of his daily schedule. If he sees you as an obstacle or an interruption, you’re wasting your time with him.

He Will Always Be There for You

Love is not always about grand gestures, expensive gifts, and reciprocation. It is all about the small things in life. Here are some random, but interesting examples that can undoubtedly make things clear for you. If he does these things with you, you may have never been luckier in your life: (R)

  • He’s Right on Your Side When You’re Ill

This gesture may not sound too important, but if he always cares for you whenever you’re ill or emotionally hurting, then you’ve truly found a gem.

  • He Celebrates Your Accomplishments Irrespective of How Big or Little They Are

If he’s always on time to have dinner with you at home, especially when you’ve made an effort to prepare him something he likes, then he loves you. If you get a promotion and he celebrates the moment with you and shows you all the support he can, he loves you.

  • He Makes Mental Notes of what you tell him

If he always pays attention to what you say to him no matter how little the thing is, and he always remembers — he is the guy for you. If he never forgets to pick up groceries or your dress from the dry cleaners on the way home, this means he listens and remembers. He appreciates you. He values you. You can’t ask for something more than this.

He is Always Himself around You

It is imperative to pay close attention to what he does when you are around. The most sure-shot way of knowing whether or not your boyfriend truly loves you is if he is himself when you’re together. Has he ever hugged you tightly when waking up in the morning and tell you how you always brighten his day, despite not having a good night at work? Does he always tell you how precious you are to him if he is angry or grumpy? Does he always light up when he sees you? If yes, then he is a keeper. (R)

Image source: — Look out for signs of pretending to be someone they are not

He Will Strive to Work on all Your Good Qualities

Stress, in general, is something nobody has a handle on, even more so when you are in a steady relationship. There are bound to be some disagreements and arguments. There will be times when you need emotional support. Here, you can truly know whether your guy loves you or not. If he has always communicated with patience and respect — even when you’re wrong, then he loves you.

Image source: — We all have qualities we can improve and he WILL find them

He will always help encourage all the good things in you instead of talking about what you did wrong. He is going to be there to wipe the tears off your face and never be the cause.

He Reaches Out to You Every Day

If he always makes an effort to send you a text, saying that he misses you and is thinking about you, there is no doubt he deeply cares for you. You’re lucky if your boyfriend texts you to ask how you’re doing when he’s busy at work. On the other hand, you can’t expect him to think about you every second of the day — this is not a healthy sign.

Image source: — Tiny bits of contact to make your day

He Will Listen to You & Disagree with You When You’re Not Reasonable

The right man will always welcome your feedback irrespective of the subject matter. He will attentively listen to what you have to say without interrupting you, without condescending you. He will appreciate all the things that you hold dear. But you have to understand that if you’re not reasonable about something, or if you are wrong about something, he will be the first to point it out in a calm and collected manner. He will never hurt your feelings even if you’re wrong. (R)

Image source: — Get over it if he doesn’t agree, it’s called tough love

He Will Cancel His Plans to Help You with Something Important

A good sign that he loves you with all his heart is that he will drop everything and come to you whenever you need help with something that is important to you. Be it work, your family, your health, anything — this is his way of saying that you matter to him and that your life revolves around his. It is a genuine gesture.

Image source: — Life’s busy, but he will find time for you during important circumstances

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