An opportunity for change: The evolution of the NodeJs logo

The Node community has been revitalized as of late. Exciting changes to it’s codebase, it’s community, and the world of technology.

A call went out to make this moment meaningful by revisiting the brand.

With confidence, I offer a single proposal


  • Simplify and posture the hexagon for meaningful iconic opportunity
  • Maintain the original colors, this isn’t the time for departure
  • Draw importance to the icon by block’ing the other letters
  • Maintain the soft edges — In recognition of Node’s approachability
  • A cursive accent to promote a positive feminine-friendly image
  • Bulletproof readability & flexibility at any size or color(s)
  • Subtle mathematic relationships tribute Node’s attention to detail
  • Mixed type to symbolize maturity, harmony, and Node project variety

The vectors, etc. need to be matured to be production-ready, so please take it with a grain of salt. Feel free to download the illustrator-editable PDF and do whatever you’d like with it.