Takes logos and tries to make em’ blend in!


We have a problem that is perhaps not so unique. As we deal with n number of brands, we need to dynamically integrate them with our styles. The following are a few considerations that backgrounder addresses:

  1. To be respectful of the brands, we need to keep the graphic tied to the merchant source so brands can update their logos at-will and the system will respond accordingly.
  2. To be respectful of the brands, we should adapt the design where possible to adjust the styles to the natural habitat of the brand.

The primary issue is that our vendors supply low resolution graphics, so it can be quite a visually hard-edge when the background color is not white and due to the size the logo can’t afford proper margins.

Our home-brewed solution, which is evolving, will make it’s best guess at the core branding color for an image and kick that back to the view so the design can be properly adapted. Give it a shot!

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