The Internet Is Great (For Men)
Silvia Carrus

I, a woman who has been on the internet for many years, would beg to differ.

First of all, I am “gender anonymous” on the internet for at least 85% of the time because I mostly use websites where I have no need to state my gender, and I use a gender neutral user name and picture. The responses I get on those websites are therefore not affected by my gender. And you know what? People have both been really friendly and really unfriendly. The few times I have actually stated that I’m a woman, it has had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Even more interesting, in my opinion, is that people have sometimes assumed I’m a man — and they have certainly NOT respected me for it, as the only ones who have expressed the belief that I’m a man have been the most angry and rude people who I have argued with. (It should be noted that them thinking I was a man wasn’t the reason they were rude or angry either, it wasn’t anything like “you stupid man-pig!”, but rather they just carelessly referred to me as “he” which proves they thought I was male)

When I use websites where I’m not anonymous, such as Facebook, I still have not experienced things like this. I have my real name there, which is obviously a female name, and also a photo. My gender has never played any role in the debates I’ve had there. I’ve had the occasional comment where someone called me beautiful (often women, actually) but nobody who was rude or disgusting about it or made it relevant to the discussion. It’s almost as if (GASP!) most people just don’t give a crap about your gender when you’re in the midst of a heated discussion.

Lastly, I want to point something out that might piss a few people off but I really think it’s worth mentioning. I hear all these feminists whine about how evil “cishet white men” are, but I can tell you that I have had little to no bad experience with those. You know who I’ve had trouble with? Middle Eastern men. Men living in cultures that actually ARE patriarchal, where women ARE second-class citizens who ARE treated as objects and sex toys. THESE men are the ones who have done all the things that feminists claim “cishet white men” do. They have objectified me, clearly expressed that they feel entitled to my body, done that “you’re beautiful, but if you reject me you’re ugly” thing, and generally treated me with enormous disrespect only because I am a woman. Why do I bring this up? Because I find it extremely infuriating that feminists complain about “cishet white men” as make them out to be the literal devil, complain about how they live in a patriarchy, how women are oppressed and unsafe and treated as less than men. The fact of the matter is that almost none of these feminists actually live in a world like that, but places like that do in fact exists. The issues is that they refuse to criticize places like the Middle East because that’s “xenophobic” (or “racist” since most people there are non-white, even though it’s obviously not about their skin color but rather their culture). If these pampered, whiny Western women tried moving to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Iran for a while, maybe they would realize how privileged they actually are and where they should focus their energy when trying to fight the patriarchy. Cishet white men who spread their legs too much on public transport are hardly worth your time when women are murdered for having premarital sex if they get raped in the Middle East.

(I apologize for any grammatical errors I might have made, English is not my native language)