How To Make Perfect Usage of Essential Oil

Though essential oils are been used by people for several reasons since ages but there are still people existing in this world who fail to use them thoroughly on time. As essential oils come with shelf lives , a bottle of it cannot be used forever. Though patchouli and sandalwood oils can last for a long time but the citrus ones are to be used within a certain span of time. They do not get rotten but gradually lose their healing capabilities after a period.

The effectiveness of essential oil depends on varied factors. How the oil is stored and packaged can have a big impact on its longevity. Colored bottles are any day better as containers of essential oils. Otherwise clear glass lets the light pass which oxidizes the curable elements it consists of.

Is your essential oil being stored for a very long time? Have you decided to what to do with the unused essential oil? If you have not, then do follow the following points which suggests the best ways of using it even if it is on the verge of extinction:

- Cleans toilets and drains
Few drops of essential oils can kill the hazardous germs and bacteria making your washrooms cleaner than before. Never use them in large amounts as they are very volatile which can clean up the drains completely.

- Make an improvised room diffuser
You can create pleasantly smelled diffusers by mixing a few drops of essential oil on a saucer or in a cup. By sprinkling few drops of the oil in the air you can feel refreshed. You can even make your favourite clothing and make your integrated household smell refreshing throughout.

- Refresh your dustbin
If you are sick and tired of the emission of bad smell from your dustbin, then you can get rid of the trouble right away with the help of essential oils.Put a few drops of it into your dustbin and bring an end to the discharge of stinky odour from it.

- Keeps the insecticides and pesticides away
Tea tree oil, eucalyptus, citronella and other essential oils can be used effectively to kill the pests. If you are allergic to pests, the oils which are quite old enough can wipe them out from your home.
So use the aging essential oils in the most efficient ways as mentioned above to make the most of them.

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