For my capstone project while taking the data science immersive program at General Assembly, I’ve decided to tackle the major public health issue that is the opioid crisis in the united states of America.

History of opioids

wine and points

One of my friend studied did his masters thesis about wine. Now he is one of the best wine tasters as well as i can say a wine specialist. one day we came to the point that, not all wine tasters are perfect and right. Therefore, he asked me to…

Data Analysis in R

How we analyse data has changed dramatically with the development of open source tools like python,R these days. Today everything we speak, talk, walk to accomplish the daily activity is recorded and used for some purpose. Thanks to the advancement of personal computer processing power, the…

How I became a Data Scientist

At end of my graduate school at the University of Liverpool, with thoughts of impending graduation, I started thinking for perhaps the first time in my life about who I wanted to be while I was having almost more than five years of extensive…


The Nation’s Capital : Washington

Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, is the place created and planned as the seat of government and policy, a city that evokes the past and the nation’s heritage. The heart of Washington, DC is in its buildings, such as the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court, its memorials…

Reddit is one of the top social news distribution and websites rating by users every day from politics to specific daily life. The Reddit website was 6th most visted and ranked here in the united states and accessed globally with high 30’s rank. The site was significantly dependent on users…

Pandas Tricks for Data Manipulation

Basics for Pandas to start its important to start by importing the necessary libraries and packages.Here i imported numpy and pandas and since i am working in Jupyter notebook i also need to set %matplotlib inline so that i can plot in the working notebook.

Setting up the working station in a typical Jupyter notebook


After learning the basic concepts of supervised machine learning and model selection, I think starting my Data science practice on applying the simple linear regression model to predict the housing price of Ames, Iowa seems best fits for the first time. As this was my initial post, I will be…

Kiros Gebremariam

Passionate about delivering data driven business outcomes and making the world run with evidences that deliver results.

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