Nations capital crime incident Analysis


The Nation’s Capital : Washington

Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, is the place created and planned as the seat of government and policy, a city that evokes the past and the nation’s heritage. The heart of Washington, DC is in its buildings, such as the White House, the Capitol, and the Supreme Court, its memorials, and its many open spaces, including the National Mall. There is so much more to write about the beautiful, clean city of Washington, DC. Today is July 4, independence day, we all are having fun and enjoying the independence day. i am just taking a minute to write something important about the unique public safety issues in the nations capital, just to share some of the presentations we make yesterday to the DC lab project using public data. While celebrating the independence day, just watching the fireworks its astonishing to be here at the nations capital, depending on which quadrant of the city you celebrating independence day; your personal safety is always the priority concern for family and friends . so we used publicly available data to predict crimes in the nations capital using attributes that are commonly used features by the MPD. Contrary to the general belief that crimes happen at night or dark, in the nations capital most offensess or crimes happen during the evening.

The following pie Chart shows total crime recorded from different shifts: Day, Evening and midnight. The specific time range about the three classifications was given in the open dataset, which i used as my source to write this blog. We still can observe a relatively low quantity of crime during midnight time range.

Total Crimes by Shift

The stacked Bar Chart below gives information about different types of crime that usually occur in the Washington DC area grouped using the police districts in the town . A stacked bar plot was chosen to visualise the crimes for each district. This bar plot will count the number of instances for each type of crime, and display the results in vertical bar heights stacked on each other, which gives us a feel for the overall number of crimes for each district and the breakout of crime types.

Crimes by Police District

from the above plot, the following insights may be gleaned:Burglary is greater in district 1&2. Theft F/Auto include stealing motor vehicle parts and anything inside of the motor vehicle.Theft F/Auto is greater in district 3 followed by 4 and 1 respectively. District 7 has less crime overall and many of the crimes are proportional . It also appears to have the greatest number of homicides Robbery is significantly less in district 2 but high in districts 6,7,3 and 4. Assault w/Dw is a defined as an assault with dangerous weapon or caused serious injury.

Distribution of crime based on time using table graph

Crimes are said to escalate during holidays. The definition of holidays for this plot is New Year, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. The result actually shows the total number of crimes occurring during holidays is a relatively minuscule percentage of the total number of yearly crimes.

The chart above was an attempt to see if there was a geographic distribution to the various violent crimes across the district. While there does appear to be a few clumps of dangerous areas, in general it appears to be spread throughout D.C. — with the notable exception of the Northwest area (Police District 2). I am surprised by the density of violent crimes near the downtown DC. if you want read more or download the jupyter notebook please click here.

Thanks for your claps. Always appreciated and if you want to read about my other posts please follow my blog for updates or visit my Github.

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