Dear God,
Conversation lingers on for hours after finishing a well cooked meal to much delight. Elderly couple in the Bayou City have settled in for an exhausting evening and decided to spin some classic Dizzy Gillespie vinyl to drown out the rumblings of Harvey’s dirty dealings. They understand the essentiality of watering the land but they’ve also learned through their many years of existence on this Earth that too much of anything is preposterous and always seemingly shakes the balance on the scales of universal harmony. The universe is a vast array of uncertainty which breeds unusual circumstances in any given moment. Yep, we get that.

So maybe you’re crying, pouring out your tears on lands that have become stained with chaotic rhetoric that wreaks of the evils that men do. With so many problems in the world I wonder if you feel empathy or even possess a soul of your own.

Often times I wish you were a woman and had more compassion for your people. So much better things would be in my opinion. So many of your 10 percent, faithful tithes paying disciples are displaced while there are well known, big money evangelists that reside in the immediate area that offer nothing but washed out prayers via worldwide tweets. But hey, who am I to question your motives or intentions in the grand scheme of things. A peon in a roaring, infinite world I am. One of many of your children that will eventually perish as we all have or will do. Mama always told me never to question your work because you always know what’s best. But quite honestly, sometimes I beg to differ.

The general welfare of a nation now has more antiquated distortion that has further muddied its fluidity. I wonder if Aquafina and other large corporations are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on price gouging a bit for bottled water? Go capitalism! In desperate need of pampers for our sons and daughters.

Homelessness rampant, but kind hearts prevail and open their doors during disastrous, yet recognition filled opportunities to present themselves during "flashing-flashing, lights-lights." Yeezy heads can appreciate that. As you know I often drift, so back to the matter at hand. Families distraught and disconnected. Perhaps the flooding will simply wash out the dead-beat Dads and behind the scenes political barters. But don’t make the mistake of calling them martyrs. Maybe the rains will take the focus off erecting statues of Stonewall Jackson and take action against the factions that spew hatred like graffiti on the walls of so-called American standards of equality. Yeah, piss on that.

We ask for a pass Lord, some kind of resolve. We pray for preservation of life, we pray for unity, we pray for Houston. If I can’t talk to you, who can I run to? For whatever it’s worth, if there is a next time you decide to send the rains, don’t wash away the people, wash away the bullshit. I’m closing my eyes now...

Sincerely and from the heart,
Your rumble servant