Mutiny Among Us: Rise of the Exosphere

There are times when the weight of the world becomes extremely difficult to carry. Learning to effectively counterbalance and offset the bulk of it all continues to be a challenge which I am completely up for. Gravitational forces of enormous proportions tug at the base of my feet, although my desires are to permanently take up residence among the exosphere when the Earthly conflicts become enormously overwhelming and congested.

There are times when I become zapped by outside sources and my pool of internal light resources slowly seep into familiar epochs of degradation. Darkness invasively enters without an invitation, but I have forged a bond with its gatekeeper and I am now completely comfortable in this vague, peculiar space. The overstanding that both must exist is a basic premise into the science of complete balance amid the spacious outlying areas of the multiverse.

There are times when the symptoms of former existences reveal the inadequacies of my past lives. When negative undertones breach the corridors of my spiritual realm, the aptitude to swiftly deport them is a work that remains to be a trivial ordeal. Each penetration abruptly enlists the natural defense mechanisms which are favorably summoned for duty. The ability to mentally teleport out of these wastelands would be a meaningful addition to the core of powers that settle deeply in the fibers of my chemistry.

There are times when the problems of those that surround me soak into the portals of my soul. Entry into these chambers has no conditional provisions. All are welcome. To feel what they feel, to see what they see, to know what they know, is then multiplied and I become a massive reservoir for the invested residuals that are so egregiously dispersed. Gauging the microscopics can be a daunting task which should be self-evident, but there are many instances in which it requires a closer look beyond what the eyes can see. The trajectory in which to get there is never static, but always dynamic and constantly changing. More energy is required and it must be resourcefully wielded as needed. In order to gain the proper insight and compulsory perspective, the complete involvement of the other senses become meaningful attributes and a means to an optimistic resolution.

Whether internal battles or external forces consume the portions of peace that are present, there is certainly and will always be mutiny among us. We must learn to rely on nature and its healing properties as well as etheric cord removal of unwelcome energies which are both key to the fulfillment of this long, adopted journey. As for me, I choose to rise into the exosphere where less is more.

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