Old Man Wisdom Yields Young Man Growth

Sensei the Wise

So here he is
Caught up in the middle 
Of left and right
Blurry focal point
Surely not in sight
He thought it was easy
To grab hold of his future
When he couldn’t hold onto Now
His Sensei hard pressed him
With compelling wisdom from the elders 
And taught him things like
The power of the mind
And how it has the ability
To create time rewind

After many years 
Of studying under the Sensei
He desired the comfort of a woman
His Sensei told him to 
Lock in with all his might
And if she’s special 
And meant for you, 
She’ll arrive by the next moons light
He waited
And waited
For night to fall
And he anticipated the moons glow
The woman never showed her face
And the young man was disappointed
At daybreak he visited his Sensei
And asked why the great revelation was not revealed
His Sensei simply replied
Young man,
This is
Your first lesson
In patience.”

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