If you fall in love with me
If I fall in love with you
Jessica Semaan

Promising Woman: What would you do if you fell in love with me?

Potential Man: Take my own relationship experiences including my failures and apply them accordingly. Take the time to truly get to know you at the core. What moves you, what sparks your interests, what upsets you, what you’re passionate about, what pain is still lingering from your past lives, etc. Fully understand your goals/ambitions and help knock down any barriers that stand in your way of achieving them. Learn to listen when you’re speaking, even when you’re silent. Silence is also communication. Respect your mind and your strength as a woman. Allow you freedom to do the things you love and support you in those endeavors. Take off your shoes when you make it home. Rub your feet while you tell me about your day. Play with your hair. Hold your hand wherever we go. Speak favor over your life. Build friendship, build trust, build communication, which all lie at the doorsteps of love. Understand that you are your own individual, complete with your own ways of thinking, operating, and functioning. I would not seek to change who you are. I’ve learned that if I have to change you, perhaps you’re not the right one for me. But instead, I’d rather be the resilient catalyst of your dreams while helping you perfect your craft through endless encouragement, motivation, and support. I’d rather be the champion of adding value to your life by continuously increasing your vibrational frequency. I’d rather be a shining example of what all of your past acquaintances should have capitalized on. Kiss the places that do not get very much attention, like your forehead, shoulder, and your hands. Understand that all of you is to be loved; mind, body, and spirit and I must cater to the desires of your heart. Learn your ways of sensitivity and couple them with my own. Lift you when you’ve fallen. Stand up for you in the face of your enemies. Stand in and represent you with dignity in your absence. Humbly correct you when you’re wrong. Stand down and apologize when I’m in the wrong. Love you past your flaws. Choose my words carefully and cautiously in an effort to create the greatest positive impact and outcome; knowing that the tongue is a sword and can be scornful at times. Reveal my fears, show you my scars, and you’ll do the same. That’s just a few things that come off the top that I would do if I fell in love with you. I think this is a reasonable beginning. But then again, this is strictly fictitious right? Right? 😂

Jessica Semaan

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