Bloggers are the rockstars of the future

The 4 things that will happen in 2014

Kirsten Jassies
Jan 3, 2014 · 3 min read

There is a great future for people who have a passion and can tell their personal stories in an engaging way. There are many tools and platforms that help telling your story and become a succesful entrepreneur. The rise of bloggers is coming from the emerging trend of the Personal Economy, like Mike Moritz talked about this year on Techcrunch’s Disrupt conference.

David Rusenko, CEO of the start up company Weebly , explained this trend as following:

People are becoming more entrepreneurial and empowered by technology: drivers starting to drive an Uber car and building their own fleet within a couple years, entrepreneurs starting a business on bloggingplatform Weebly and quitting their job to pursue their passion full-time, people renting out a spare bedroom on Airbnb instead of staying in a hotel.

People who go out of their way to tell their personal stories about beauty, fashion, travel, interior, food and listen to and engage with their audience are the ones with a golden future. The rise of the personal economy will ensure these four things will happen to bloggers in 2014:

  1. Bloggers will be important influencers
    If they like the new red Chanel lipstick, you WILL buy this new red Chanel Lipstick, oh yes. These girls and guys with large followings on Twitter, Instagram or Youtube are cool, they know it all. And besides, they are your best friends, because they listen to you when you react to their posts or ask them a question. Even though they get thousands of reactions they still hear you.
    Bloggers will be ambassadors of the brands they love and brands will do ANYTHING to gain the bloggers attention, to get on the list of their beloved brands.

Only true love between bloggers and brands will last.

2. Bloggers will make more money than ever
Business Insider said it: blogger is one of the six social media jobs that will explode in 2014. As we all notice advertisers budget is divided over lots of channels and platforms these days and a growing part of the pie goes to bloggers. So you’d better put some bloggers in your media mix, because it’s the only way to be a remarkable, engaging and lovable brand. Who wants to see oldskool ads in the games they play, the movies they watch or the blogposts they read? Better just read about them when it’s relevent and when you hear it from someone you respect and follow.

A blogger will only promote your product when he/she loves it, or when he/she is getting paid well.

3. Bloggers will become famous
Fashionblogger Negin Mirsalehi gained more than a million followers on Instagram last year. She started a blog and it went populair overnight. If you read the comments on her pics, you can see: even though nobody really knows her (she’s only been online for a year) her followers are totally utterly in love with Negin. She is a real rockstar.

Bloggers do and share the things they love and engage with their fans and followers. That’s why they become famous.

4. Bloggers can choose any job they love
Want to be a famous photographer? Blogger Jamie Beck did it. Want to become the make-up artists of stars? Youtube creator Nikkietutorials did it. Want to be a famous interior stylist? Holly Becker from decor8blog did it. Want to launch cool new products like an app and fake tattoos? Designblogger Swiss-miss did it. Want your own bookdeal? Foodbloggers Monique van Loon and Uit Paulines Keuken did it. Beautybloggers Lauren Conrad and Miss Lipgloss did it.Interiorbloggers Yvestown and Vosgesparis did it. These are examples of last year. But anyone can do it, from their homes, with their mobiles and laptops.

Bloggers can be(come) journalists, editors, stylists, make-up artists, photograhers, artists and designers that show their skills and share their personal lives with you.

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