Six months ago, one of my good friends Annie had suggested trying to camp on Angel Island. Some of her friends had done it before and recommended booking a specific site, as it had spectacular views, but was often hard to reserve. It was open for MLK weekend, so she reserved the site and asked me and another friend KK to come along. Not thinking too much about the weather at the time, we were all excited to go.

Those of you in the Bay Area might know that for the last month, we’ve had lots of rain this winter…

It’s that time of the year where, surprise, I’ve decided to make some new years resolutions. Although I feel the time of change is completely arbitrary, I like that a new year encourages me to reflect on where I am, where I’d like to go, and how I can get there.

Although I have many things I’d like to work on, I’ve narrowed my list of things down to 3 areas:

1. Balancing Quality and Quantity of Relationships

One thing I came to realize in the last year was the importance of friendships. As I mentioned in my last blog, I had a tough year figuring out…

My last blog posts talked about living life to the fullest and ways that I hoped to achieve them. However, real life challenges hit me hard soon afterwards.

As I approached my work anniversary and prepared for my review at the end of summer, I came to the sinking realization that the goals and skills of my current job weren’t aligned with my goals and skills. While my current job helped me learn the Apple “way” and develop stronger managerial capabilities, I discovered that I hadn’t technically challenged myself in a long time. I wasn’t familiarizing myself with GD&T, working…

About a month ago, my great grandmother passed away. She was almost 102 years old.

I’ve been fortunate, since this was the first funeral I’ve attended in my life so far. My great grandmother was a wonderful woman who lived in very good health for 99% of her life. Her mind was sharp (she remembered all her great grandchildren’s names, despite having so many children), and she could still walk unassisted. Even though I couldn’t speak to her directly (my mother’s side of the family speaks a very particular dialect of Cantonese), she said a lot with her face. …

A couple weeks ago, my friend pointed out that I had finally hit the 6 month mark at my job. Wow. Well here we are. 6 months of moving to a new place, falling in and out of love with SF, trying to stay afloat in the deep end that is my job, and connecting with polar opposites that become your closest friends. This is life- it’s messy, unexpected, and beautiful all at the same time.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about time and how I’ve been spending it. Happiness and how people think about it. Where I am…

Kirsten Lim

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