I WANT to be in the herd
Doug Weight

“ In the most recently completed reporting period back then (I’ve still got most of my research), there was one case of diphtheria reported to CDC. 1.Nationwide. Tetanus? 25 cases. Reported cases of pertussis were considerably higher than diphtheria and tetanus, but the reported mortality rate for pertussis was still dwarfed by the number of reported serious adverse events reported to VAERS (and don’t forget — VAERS is a passive reporting system which means its data is likely significantly lower than actual) by more than 23:1!”

The reason there was only 1 reported case of diptheria and 25 reported cases of tetanus is BECAUSE PEOPLE GOT THEIR VACCINES. Because those terrible, usually fatal diseases were PREVENTED. By vaccines. I was being an idiot and tearing down a wall in my house while wearing flip flops. I stepped on a nail, went clean through the flip flop and into my foot. You know what I did? I went and got a freaking TDaP shot at the urgent care (I’ll give you a hint, the T in TDaP stands for tetanus). Guess what I didn’t get? Lockjaw from tetanus. I also got all my childhood vaccines and guess what? I didn’t get pertussis, or diptheria, or measles, or any of the other terrible diseases that have been almost eradicated by vaccines.

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