2017 Marketing Trends

If you can believe it, we’re already halfway through 2017. Summer marks an interesting time for marketers as goals start to be realized and plans start to need recrafting to make up for shortcomings. If your team is currently reworking your marketing plan to ensure that you reach the numbers you need to reach for 2017, there are a ton of trends that you’ll want to pay attention to.

Below, I’ve detailed a few of the hottest marketing trends for 2017, sure to give a much needed boost to any tired marketing plans and tactics.

Influencer Marketing

This marketing technique is a tried and true method that has taken many forms over the years. Many associate Influencer Marketing with an endorsement, and while it’s true that an influencer will speak highly of the product or service in question, the two are quite different. The difference here is that influencers are sometimes normal people who grew their following on social media because of their honesty and passion. Your influencer should be someone who has a high amount of trust with their followers and can speak positively to your product or service to those followers. Because of the connection already built, this marketing technique can prove to be quite profitable in both short bursts and in the long run.

Mobile First Strategy

In 2017, it’s just no longer acceptable to have a platform that isn’t at least optimized for mobile use. In fact, there are companies that focus solely on mobile strategy and appearance, as they know their audience is accessing their information on a tablet or smartphone. As written by Forbes, it’s not just about optimizing for mobile devices; it’s also also about making sure that piece of content gets integrated with…

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