Leaving is always the hardest for me. Whether it’s a airport or a train station. Part of me wants to beg you to stay, while the other part of me knows you can’t.

The last time was particularly hard. I wanted to run after you and beg you to let me stay. To let me follow you and I’d figure out the rest. But I didn’t. I stood there in an unfamiliar station, choking back my tears as I watched you leave. It doesn’t get any easier. But you learn to cope.

Seattle, I cried my entire flight. I cried enough that sleeping aid was in fact, not aiding. I cried because I will never look at Seattle the same. Every crosswalk became an excuse to stop and kiss me. Every 7/11 and coffee shop became a rest stop. I could feel you tightly grabbing my hand as we explored the sleepless city. The smile on your face as the merchant talk to us my first visit to Pike Place.

Reuniting is one of my favorites. The first night. When you whisper how much you’ve missed me. The bear grip you put me in, and no matter how much of a heavy sleeper you are, you manage to wake up every time I move.

God everything about this crazy life is so wonderful. I can whole heartedly say, I would not change or take back any part of it. For those moments are some of the best moment in my life.

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