Why You Should Never Buy a Lottery Ticket
Tom Joseph Law

In my honest opinion I think this is a very closed minded opinion. You cannot seriously suggest that the majority if not all of people who put on the lottery are focusing on the negatives in their lives. Thousands of people in the Uk have to focus on the positives and make the best out of a bad situation. Working to a strict budget, not being able to go out socially and struggling for money means that we can only spear a pound here or there and choose to put on the lottery and HOPE for it to be our lucky day. It doesn’t even have to be a financial issue, some people enjoy putting on a lottery ticket, as a positive thing, and not a reflection of how hard a person works.

The act of buying a lottery ticket does not determine a persons ‘hardship’ or wilfulness for an easy life.

Building a boat and learning to sail implies that people cannot work hard and have hope. That they cannot be in charge of their own future and spend a £1 on a lottery ticket. You could argue that people who do this are more in control of their own future than people who hold the opinion that spending money on the lottery demeans you as a person.

People who do not struggle financially, emotionally or otherwise can often have a very skewed sense of reality when it comes to hardship, and the hope that has to come along with it.

I see where you are attempting to come from, but respectfully, it truly is a case of ‘how the other half live’.

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