I…am a powerhouse

controversial energy runs through these veins

feel free to plug yourself into me

but be warned

you will be run by social justice, indie movie quotes, graphic tees, and a feminist agenda that runs so deep you’ll find yourself calling out misogyny in your sleep

people keep their brain plugs away from my outlet because they’re afraid of the power

they’re afraid of the bitchiness

they’re afraid to appear bigger than him

but the truth is I am bigger

I stand in my mirror and can’t even see my whole self because I’m so big

and that’s how I like it

because stuffed inside this petite frame is a fight that your racist uncle talks bad about over dessert at Thanksgiving

a voice that makes people avoid eye contact and stuff their noses deeper into whatever buzzfeed quiz has them discovering how basic they are

an opinion that makes you pull your brain out of your skull because you can’t stand the way I make your grey matter short circuit

I am a powerhouse

fueling myself and empowering those that need a charge

I’m jumper cables that refuse to just lay tangled in the trunk of your silver hybrid

so when your battery dies out and you’re not able to move forward anymore

thats when I come along and give you a