In 2017, I enjoyed.

I listened to a podcast a year ago that recommended choosing a word or phrase to guide the year rather than a resolution.

After years of chasing dreams of degrees, a home, a career, a family, a full life — I knew it was time to sit back and enjoy. I knew that my tendencies called for a word of the year and a goal that forced me to enjoy.

In 2017, I enjoyed.

After two years of listening, learning, crying, and waiting for our dream, he came. We chose adoption as the route to create our family and at the end of 2016, our family was started. The beginning of 2017 brought a court hearing to finalize the adoption. Our joy and our dream and our wish came from pain and brokenness and heartache. So, while I will never be able to separate the brutal from the beautiful (Thank you, Glennon, for providing the language that I’ve needed), it was time to enjoy. It was time to enjoy this family that had been prayed for and hoped for and dreamed of.

In 2017, I enjoyed.

In 2018, I will bask. Yay! 2018’s word is bask.

I enjoyed enjoying so much that I’m basking this year.

I’ll be basking with these two boys who I adore. I’ll be basking in this career that fuels me each day. I’ll be basking in family gatherings, dates with friends, and new babies.

Here’s to 2018!