[Day 3] Perfect Day

Today’s challenge focuses upon creating a vision for the future and this is achieved by describing a perfect day, in the present tense. I’ve done this exercise before as part of Natalie Sisson’s Freedom Plan and it’s really useful to get clear on how we would like life to be, so we have the motivation to push forward with our goals.

The following is an extract of the exercise I’ve completed previously.

I wake up in a house on the beach with a prime view of the ocean, close enough to really hear the waves breaking and smell the sea. The sky is clear and the sun is shining.

I wake up feeling rested and energised for the day ahead, getting up around 8am. I start the day with yoga; I’m really glad that I now have the time to integrate this into my daily routine. I also set my intentions for the day, identifying the one thing that I must do in my business before the day is over; of course there’s more than one thing on my list, but my boss is flexible. 😉 I have a light and healthy breakfast, probably including freshly made juice and cereal. I used to skip breakfast or have a breakfast bar once I arrived at work, not anymore.

I get showered, dressed and take a nice walk on the beach with my dog. I then come back to the beach house, call my parents and then do a couple of hours of work, before breaking for lunch. I’m working on designing a new online course for small business owners — creating some video content.

I go to meet friends and have lunch at a lovely cafe. I’m so glad that I have more time and flexibility to see my friends more regularly.

I’ve given myself the afternoon off, so I can spend time with one of my favourite people; we decide to go explore the local national park.

How would you describe a perfect day?

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