Great point, Kirsten Zerbinis.
Mark Farragher

Yes, I’m very curious about that one myself. History gives us a few examples to draw from. If the gig economy settles down into something where people develop a unique collection of deep and shallow skills, and jump from job to job, sometimes doing a few jobs at once, then we have something that kind of resembles the medieval Journeyman. So do unions transform into something more like the guilds? Where participation is optional, but highly desirable, because it’s a stamp of approval from a body that has built a collective reputation from it’s members. Or do we get something more like the Mafia, where once you’re ‘made’ you are part of basically another type of corporation, that can set its hand to many enterprises depending on the talents of its current members?

I am sure that the forms of activism we are seeing now are taking some important steps towards figuring out functional, sustainable forms of self-organization, and this will influence the labour market of the next decade.

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