I can’t believe I’m writing a damn Medium post about leaving Twitter.

I had no intention of writing anything. Maybe I’d send a farewell tweet on my last day. With one of those cute pictures of my laptop and security badge. Nice people would ‘heart’ it and send me lovely messages. I mean, this is all so straightforward. It’s even kinda boring. Every day people leave their jobs, why on earth would my news merit a post? There is so much that is important happening in the world right now. Who would find this even remotely interesting? At least that’s what I thought. One look at my mentions and…

Lookit, I learned long ago that only you can declare your intentions. That it’s important to stand up for what you believe in. And be clear about what it is you won’t stand for. I’ve learned that when you fail to use your voice, there are others more than happy to build your story for you. Especially as women, there are lots of people who ‘know better’ around us and who would like to neatly put us in boxes to satisfy agendas or narratives that are clearly not our own. So use your voice to say what you mean, and more importantly, mean what you say. C’mon, I know this stuff.

But because I thought my story wasn’t interesting enough to bother to tell, I left a void. And sure enough I noticed others making attempts to fill it. Human nature, I guess.

I made a mistake. So please indulge me while I take the reigns back and fill in the blanks. The beauty of mediums like this and Twitter — is that we have the means to do that.

I’ve been at Twitter 31/2 years. I was at Hallmark about the same length of time. Alliance Atlantis, same. My time at CBC is 7 years divided by two jobs =31/2. I don’t know about you, but I see a pattern here. Every few years I get a quiet little knock, knock, knock that reminds me to pick my head up from what I’m doing, and to look around. Maybe that’s not for everyone, but it seems to have served me quite well (so far).

About a month ago, Ross Hoffman, who has successfully lead other parts of Twitter business arrived to lead the Global Media team. He brought an energy that was palpable, and a point of view that was fresh. And that’s important for a team responsible enabling some of the most innovative and interesting content on the planet. It’s going to be amazing, it’s going to be great. And together with this incredibly talented Twitter team, how could it be anything else?

But I knew one thing that it wasn’t going to be. I knew this time around, it wasn’t going to be for me. Before Ross had arrived on the Media team I heard that knock knock knock again. I think there’s a personal list of accomplishments and criteria that we tick off in our heads, and it tells us when it’s time for change. And there’s signs in your heart and in your home too. Like other times when I’ve made changes in my career, here I heard again, knock knock knock, loud and clear.

I’ve done this before. But not like THIS. And I’ve also never gotten to taste that excitement that comes when you decide to take a chance and invest in your own future. Leaping without knowing EXACTLY what’s next is something I’ve never done. For sure I’ve taken risks, and risky jobs. But the contract has always been signed when the resignation given. The next start date has always been in place. And though I’m right in the middle of some great conversations about some very exciting opportunities, I’m not sure which will choose me, or which I will choose.

I’m so lucky to have the space and support to do this. I’m incredibly grateful for the relationships I’ve built through the years that connect me to yet another wonderful idea and opportunity. Not everyone has the luxury to even consider taking advantage of a time like this. I know that, and for this chance I’m truly grateful. I’ve had so many fine trailblazers go ahead of me at Twitter and beyond, and who have been kind enough to advise and coach me. I feel like this is the chance I’d be crazy not to take.

If you’ve gotten this far in the post — now you know.

I’m leaving Twitter. There’s no drama. No intrigue. No NDA. No lady doth protest too much. No “nothing to see here”. Really.. there is nothing to see here. (I’d insert rolling eye emoji but my kid is playing a game in the other room and won’t stop to show me how).

All that remains to be seen at Twitter is the amazing team of people who I will miss working with every day. And for me, what remains is an exciting time ahead that is for sure a little daunting, but more than that — for me this really is the chance of a lifetime. May we all get the equal opportunity to live life as we choose. May we all get our turn:).

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